Top 10 Must Have Items To Decorate Your Beach Home

Top 10 Must Have Items To Decorate Your Beach Home

Top 10 Must Have Items To Decorate Your Beach Home

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If you’re inspired by the beach house interiors currently popping up on Instagram, this is your lucky day! We have put together some of our favorite coastal decor trends.

There is much to be said for adding some style to your beach home. If you are starting from scratch or if you just need a refresh, we hope this guide will be helpful for your home. We will cover some popular design themes to give you some basic ideas for coastal decor accents in the home.

Here is our list of “Top 10 must have items to decorate your beach home


If you find that your heart skips a beat every time you see a photo of beautiful blue ocean water, you aren’t alone. Psychologists have known for years that the color blue has a special place in the mind. Studies show that blue is often associated with calming and relaxation. In fact, the color blue is so powerfully relaxing that it can even lower your heart rate, leaving you feeling calmer than ever! Adding ocean-themed decor allows you to bring the ocean into your home. This is a great way to promote calmness and serenity in your beach home.



Wall art

One of the benefits of canvas prints is how lightweight they are. Most prints that you buy on Amazon also come with metal hanging hooks so they are ready to hang straight out of the box. 

Canvas prints come in many sizes. Buying a canvas print that is too large or too small can ruin the balance of your room or your next designing project. Before you start shopping for canvas prints, take some time to determine the size of canvas print would be best for the space you plan to display it.

To ensure a long life for your canvas print, there are a few guidelines and precautions to follow:

  • Keep your canvas prints away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from humidity & moisture
  • Don’t forget to dust them occasionally with soft dusting techniques
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals
  • Place them upright
  • Don’t place anything on top of them

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an excellent way to give your living room or bedroom a refresh. Pillows in ocean blue and ocean green can give your room a nice pop of color. Here are a few coastal throw pillows we love this year. 



Throw pillows

Tommy Bahama always has some beautiful coastal designs. Add a tropical touch to your bedroom with the Relax Throw Pillow from Relax by Tommy Bahama. This coastal accent pillow features the phrase “Relax” in grey in the center of the pillow as well as Tommy’s signature marlin logo on the crisp white ground. Made of 100% cotton, this super soft pillow is the perfect addition to your bedroom or living room décor.

3. Seashell Decor

There are tons of beautiful seashells in Southwest Florida. If you have time to collect the shells yourselves you can create your own masterpiece. Or, you can choose pre-made items such as wreaths and seashell accents if you are looking for a little extra decoration. 



Seashell wreath

This 22 inch seashell wreath has over 30 types of seashell and makes a beautiful decoration for any door.


If you are feeling crafty and you don’t have time to collect your own seashells, you can grab some of these loose seashells on Amazon and create your own art piece. These beach shells range in sizes of up to 2-1/2″. Shell types include donax shell, clam shells, moon shells, nassa shells, and tiny volutes varieties.

4. Area Rugs

A new rug is a great way to change up the appearance of any room. Nature-inspired colors, such as white, beige, and brown, help to evoke calmness and relaxation. A blue and green color scheme creates an ocean feel and conveys peace and tranquility. For larger rooms, select a size that allows for all furniture to rest entirely on the rug. For smaller rooms, use a rug size that allows all furniture to be positioned off the rug or with only the front legs on the rug.



Area Rugs

Striated teal blue and grey brushstrokes give a beachy, modern flair to this simply chic area rug from Nourison’s Jubilant Collection. Sleek, low-pile construction from easy-care fibers creates an artistic accent for any room in your home.

5. Sailboats

Sailboat replicas can frequently be found for sale in coastal towns. If you’re interested in a nautical theme, this could be a good option for you.To bring in the romance of sailing  into your home, you can begin your collection of miniature sailboats with these delightful sailboat sculptures. 



Sailing ship models

These blue and white sailing ship models are a great home accessory for completing your beach-themed interiors. The set comes with 4 assorted designs that you can mix, match, display solo or as a set. Simply place one on your desk or shelves at home, in the office, or bathroom to achieve a relaxing, nautical vibe.

Wooden sailboat model

This shabby chic wooden sailing boat modal measures 10.75″H x 6″L x 1.5″W, fit on shelves and ledges. It’s the perfect addition to any nautical theme room.

6. Mirrors

Large mirrors can add visual spaciousness as well as brightness to a room. When used on a mantel or sofa, a large coastal or nautical mirror can be a beautiful statement piece in a room. In a narrower wall space or a hallway, smaller mirrors can be positioned in unique ways to create a gallery wall of mirrors. 

A small circular mirror is reminiscent of a porthole window on a ship, and these make great addition to a beach themed home. Alternatively, select a mirror constructed of wood or nautical rope to give your room a more rustic feel. 




This Round Rope Mirror With Loop Hanger is part of The Stonebriar Collection on Amazon. The Stonebriar line offers a collection of seaside decorations, featuring beach and nautical designs, using worn wood, glass and ceramics. A rope mirror is perfect addition for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, or hallway. The hanger attached to the rope mirror is compatible with a sawtooth hanger and hanging loop. This rope mirror can be hung with a wall hook or screw.

7. Flip Flop Decor

Nothing says fun in the sun, summer, and beach more than flip flops. Here is how you can turn the comfy laid-back foot wear into home decor.



This Flip flop hanging ornament is the perfect addition to any ocean themed home. This wall art is made of durable lightweight wood, which  allows you to place it anywhere in your pool house or beach house.

This wood pallet sign with a dark finish and simple font adds a rustic charm to any room of the house. It creates a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements.

Every needs a good book to read at the beach and books make beautiful decor! You can tuck them in baskets as fillers or use them as risers to give other decorating items height. No matter where you use books, on your mantel or shelves, in a bedroom, tucked into small spots or a focal point in a vignette; you’ll love the look!



For centuries, an anchor has served as a symbol of stability, hope and promise. They can conjure images of vast oceans and sea vessels. The symbolism behind the anchor is rooted in its traditional design and purpose of holding a boat steady in a storm.



Product description

This Anchor wall hanging is a part of the Stone Briar Collection on Amazon. It’s lightweight yet durable. It can be combined with a nautical fishing net to complete the look. 

10. Decorative Vases

Fresh flowers immediately add vibrance to any room.Vases can bring beauty to any place in your home. You can fill them with fresh flowers from your backyard, a beautiful bouquet from a friend or loved one, or even faux plants for a low-maintenance, year-round splash of color. Vases can also double as centerpieces for a special event, candle holders for a romantic feel, or mini terrariums for your patio.



Product description

This set of 10 vases includes a combination of different shapes and sizes. Some contain rope design while others are clear glass. Their varied designs give an eclectic feel to any space. 

We created this resource to help provide a more comprehensive overview of coastal-style decorations. We hope you will find at least one idea that you haven’t considered before!



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If you’re inspired by the beach house interiors currently popping up on Instagram, this is your lucky day! We have put together some of our favorite coastal decor trends.

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