The Brain Benefits of Time Spent By The Beach

The Brain Benefits of Time Spent By The Beach



The Brain Benefits of Time Spent By The Beach

For ages, plenty of people have leaned on the beach and all of its splendor for a way to kick back and relax. Whether it is listening to ocean waves to fall asleep, or all those good vibes that seem to come with being by the beach, the beach is notorious for making people feel good. So, what makes the beach so great? Is it really powerful enough to influence our minds? It sure is! In this post, we will explain how visiting the beach gives your brain a pleasant little boost!

The Ocean Is A Known Mood Booster

For a lot of people, stepping foot on the beach and smelling that salty air is enough to instantly improve their mood. It might sound cheesy, but there is actually some very real science at work here. The ocean is known for having a high volume of negative ions, which have positive effects on your mind and body. These ions can help your body handle toxins, and they also promote relaxation and better sleep!

Sunshine Makes You Happy

It is no secret that sunshine has incredible mood-boosting effects. In fact, an absence of sunlight can cause a lot of problems for the mind. This is because sunlight is directly linked to serotonin production. Serotonin is the chemical in your brain that helps you to regulate and improve your mood. So, spending some time at the beach is a really great way to give your mood the boost it needs. Those fun vacation feelings are actually scientifically proven. A day out in the sunshine can leave you feeling happier and more relaxed for days to come.

Your Brain Loves The Color Blue

If you find that your heart skips a beat every time you see a photo online of beautiful blue ocean water, you aren’t alone. Psychologists have known for years that the color blue has a special place in the mind. Studies show that blue is often associated with calming and relaxation. In fact, the color blue is so powerfully relaxing that it can even lower your heart rate, leaving you feeling calmer than ever!

The Sound of Those Waves Really Does Reduce Stress

Ocean waves are one of the go-to soundtracks to create a calming space. People use it to help them sleep at night, during meditative practices, and even to just relax. Despite popular belief, this isn’t because it allows you to drift away to thoughts of the beach (though it surely helps!). In reality, the sound of ocean waves is physically calming to us because it is peaceful and repetitive. We perceive these sounds as non-threatening and can relax because of it.


Every time you visit the beach, there is a good chance that you just feel better—and the science proves it. Next time you need a little mood boost or a chance to relax and recover, head over to the beach. You will love just how great it makes you feel!

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